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update on new west theatre

Thank you Lethbridge; New West Theatre is here to stay! 

We asked for your help, and this community has stepped up in a big way! While we have yet to reach our ultimate goal, we are thrilled to report that the first phase of our fundraising campaign has been a tremendous success. You have saved our stage!  

As we enter the next phase of our campaign, we look to secure the long-term future of New West Theatre. Funds will go towards eliminating our deficit and rebuilding emergency reserves, ensuring our long-term security. We’ve been around for close to 35 years and want to be here for decades to come, offering high quality performances for audiences and meaningful employment for local artists and practitioners. We are committed to our community and donations will be used to continue our mission of connecting people through the shared experience of live theatre. 

The arts are paramount to community, and live theatre is an artform that truly requires a fully community to thrive and succeed. At New West Theatre, we tried to find ways to keep that community-based theatre alive throughout the pandemic. We took theatre outside and created productions such as Live! At the Drive-In and Arts in the Parks. These events were very well received and appreciated by a community of people who needed to connect again. As we emerge from the pandemic, we are proud of the work we showcased in our season this year! We produced shows we truly believed the community would embrace and we are proud of the quality that has been exemplified. Unfortunately, this was balanced with a very slow return of audiences to indoor venues, which has been an unfortunate trend across the country. It is with humility we have had turn to our community to help us get through the difficult times.  

Through these challenging times, one thing has been made abundantly clear: the arts are essential. We are grateful to our community. You continue to demonstrate your passion for the arts by investing your time, energy and money to see New West Theatre thrive. We are moved, proud and hopeful for a future that includes everyone in our community.

our goal




of $35,000



OF $65,000



OF $50,000

is 5% enough?

Did you know that the most successful non-profits receive donations that make up to 30% of their income? Currently, we are at less than 5%. As a local non-profit & charity, less than 5% of our total annual income comes from donations.

5% is amazing, but it’s not quite enough. Our target is to increase our annual donations to 15% – this will help ensure that New West Theatre remains sustainable in Lethbridge for a very long time, continuing to provide quality entertainment, support our community, and employ our performers..

If 5% isn’t enough, how can you, our audience, help?

Our goal is to reach $10,000 in ongoing, monthly donors. We know what you’re thinking, that seems impossible! But if 400 supporters just like you gave $25 per month, that would help build a legacy that could last a lifetime – all for less than a cup of coffee a day!

what are the different ways to donate?

There are many ways that you can donate!

It’s been an incredible journey for us over the last 30+ years, and we couldn’t have done it without your enthusiastic support. You all are the reason we’re able to keep bringing quality productions to our community year after year. We’ve got something to ask of you now – If you’re someone who loves what we do and wants to see us keep coming to the stage, please consider donating to support our work and our artists. Every little bit helps!

Your donation can go toward a specific show, our youth programming (which we’re really passionate about), our artists, operations, or anything else we do here at New West Theatre. It all helps us continue to connect with our community through the arts.

Now is the time to act:
Every donation over $25 will receive a tax receipt. Here is how to donate:

  • Online HERE 
  • On through CANADA HELPS
  • Over the phone by calling 403-381-9378
  • In-person at our office in the Yates Theatre, 1002 4th Ave South, Lethbridge
  • By mail to New West Theatre, Suite 111, 210A 12A St North, Lethbridge, AB T1H 2J1.

New West Theatre is a registered Non-Profit Society in Alberta and is registered by the Canada Revenue Agency as a charitable organization. Donations $25 and higher will receive a tax receipt.

where does your donation go?

paying our artists a living wage

As one of the only professional theatre companies in Southern Alberta, we are committed to paying our Artists a professional, living wage. Help support an artist today!

Community Initiatives

Every year we invite groups in Lethbridge who are underserved, underprivileged, or of a minority group to come and experience theatre. With hundreds of invited guests each year, our goal is to make theatre fun and accessible to everyone in the community.

education programs for youth

Whether kids join us for summer camps, weekly classes in the fall and winter, or our new and upcoming PD day camps – we offer theatre experience, education and a fun childcare alternative at an affordable rate.


For less that the price of a cup of coffee a day, you can help support the longevity of New West Theatre. Whether it’s a one-time donation, or our new monthly giving, your support of Theatre in Lethbridge is paramount – we understand that most people don’t have the ability to give large donations all at once, but a small monthly donation creates a long-term, lasting impact on our organization. With a regular monthly donation income, we can start planning bigger productions, pay our artists professional wages, and create sustainability for many years to come!


Do you have a passion for theatre or for the arts and want to make a meaningful impact? Volunteering is perfect for almost everyone – do you want a unique date night with your significant other, a family outing, or living on a student or retirement income? Come and see our shows for free and actively give back to your community by coming to volunteer with us! All abilities and experience are welcome and hands-on training is provided

get social with us

Do you follow us on social media or receive emails from us? The best and easiest thing that you can do to support us is to talk about us! Share a fun post, tag a friend, tag us in your posts, invite people to our events, or forward our emails to someone who have never been to New West Theatre! We’re always looking for new friends so please… share, share, share!