SAVE OUR STAGE”  is a fundraising campaign to help save our theatre company. Without your urgent support, we could face closing our doors; and we want to be here for you – for decades more to come.

Throughout the pandemic one thing was made clear: the arts are essential. When people were asked to isolate, they turned to television, and played board and video games to pass the time. The arts were there through dark and sometimes lonely times.  

The arts are paramount to community, and live theatre is one of the unchanged things left that truly require a fully community to thrive and succeed. At New West Theatre, we tried to find ways to keep that community-based theatre alive throughout the pandemic. 

We took theatre outside and produced shows such as Live! At the Drive-In and Arts in the Parks. These events were very well received and appreciated by a community of people who needed to connect again. As we emerge from the pandemic, we are incredibly proud of the work we showcased in our season this year! We produced shows we truly believe the community would embrace and we are proud of the quality that was exemplified in every show of our season. Unfortunately, this was balanced with a very slow return of audiences to indoor venues. National surveys are showing this trend throughout performance halls and theatre companies across Canada, and our company, alongside many organizations, has been affected by a slow return of audiences to the theatre. It is with humility we must now turn to our community to help us “Save our Stage”. 

Our goal is to raise $150,000 and to ensure we can continue finding meaningful and valuable work for performing artists and theatre technicians in our community. We are acutely sensitive to the financial burdens many individuals face right now, and we do not make this request easily. We are committed to our community to use these donations to sustain quality theatre, and to support artists who we know will continue to unite and connect the community the way live theatre can. 

Thank you for your continued support, for gathering with us today, and for supporting New West Theatre.



Our goal is to raise $150,000

to ensure the future operations of New West Theatre. Please help us make sure our theatre survives, to be enjoyed by future generations. Help us reach our goal. 

Please help us Save Our Stage

Now is the time to act:
Every donation over $25 will receive a tax receipt. Here is how to donate:

  • Online HERE 
  • On through CANADA HELPS
  • Over the phone by calling 403-381-9378
  • In-person at our office in the Yates Theatre, 1002 4th Ave South, Lethbridge
  • By mail to New West Theatre, Suite 111, 210A 12A St North, Lethbridge, AB T1H 2J1.


How did you get to this position?

This last year of post-pandemic recovery has been challenging for us – With a changing economy, uncertain financial situations in our community are ever present. Performing Arts Organizations across the country are seeing an overall 44% reduction in attendance for various reasons, and we too in Lethbridge are feeling this effect. 

What measures will be in place to ensure you don't fall back in this position in the future?

Like most not-for-profit arts organizations we rely on funding from a combination of sources, including public funders, corporate sponsors, and private donors, in addition to ticket sales. With a strong financial examination and business plan, the funds we raise through this effort will ensure we can successfully make a change in our season planning to accommodate the nationwide 44% reduction in attendance.

How will the funds raised be allocated?

Donations received will go towards various expenses, including salaries, rent, utilities, and day to day operations.  The majority of funds will be allocated towards elimination of our deficit, ensuring we are able to maintain operating and to keep our doors open.

What happens if you don't achieve your target?

While we are hopeful that the community will come through to help keep our doors open, we may be facing the reality that our target may be unattainable.  We would look at doing a series of various fundraising initiatives to regain enough capital to continue operating. This may mean that we may have to postpone future shows until we raise enough capital to resume with regular programming.

What are the different ways that I can donate?
  • Online HERE
  • On through CANADA HELPS
  • Over the phone by calling 403-381-9378
  • In-person at our office in the Yates Theatre, 1002 4th Ave South, Lethbridge
  • By mail to New West Theatre, Suite 111, 210A 12A St North, Lethbridge, AB T1H 2J1.
Will I receive a tax receipt?

New West Theatre is a registered Canadian charity. All donations over $25 receive a tax receipt.

Can I specify where my donation goes?

For this campaign, a general fund for Save Our Stage. In future campaigns, donations may be designated to various other funds.


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Lethbridge, AB
(403) 381-9378