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About us


A professional Performing Arts organisation that nurtures diverse voices by providing high quality theatrical performances and activities connecting all communities within Southern Alberta.


Illuminating and connecting one another through compelling performances.


Inclusivity creating space for community
Being bold boldness/creating impact
Accountability in operations & financial matters
Community leadership responsiveness
Joy fun/entertainment

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Our departments

About New west

New West Theatre was established in 1990, after separating from its previous entity “Great West”, in Fort Macleod.

We have many amazing members of our team who help form the core group of New West Theatre.



Below, you will learn about what each role does in the organization and how it plays into a well functioning organization. 


executive leadership

admin/front of house






Job Descriptions

Artistic director

Executive director


front of house


education coordinator

production manager

outreach coordinator


financial officer

MEET THE executive Leadership TEAM


Kelly Reay

Artistic Director

Employed since: January 2019


Sheri Becker

Executive Director

Employed since: January 2020


MEET THE Management TEAM


Nole Richardson

Technical Director/Production Manager

Employed since: June 2019


Marilyn Anderson

Financial Offier

Board Member: November 2021 – August 2022

Employed since: August 2022


Anastasia Siceac

Manager of Education

Employed since: September 2022