New West Theatre

Drama Education

Our Mission

Our teaching philosophy is geared towards instilling growth mindsets in our students. A growth mindset encourages effort, progress, hard work, and persistence rather that talent or perfection. There are no solo-superstars in our classrooms! We believe that the process of creating something together is rich with opportunities for growth. 

Making an Impact

Our instructors are committed to connect, create, and grow with our students! We are committed to continuing classes in accordance with provincial health and safety guidelines which means that we are ready to facilitate these classes either in person or online. 


The Benefits


Our students will be building friendships with real local kids with similar interests from their community. New friendships teach kids about themselves and strengthen community connections.


Kids who have experienced success in taking on big tasks (such as creating a whole play in a week) or new skills (such as singing and learning choreography) have greater confidence when facing future challenges. 

See your kid on stage!

There are no small roles, only small actors. Watching your child perform at the end of the week is always a huge celebration!


Learning New Skills

Every week our students use the following skills:

– problem solving

– communication

– adaptability 

– public speaking

– musicality

– active listening

– working in groups

– physical awareness

– being present in the moment

When I was a child I attended three different New West Theatre camps over the years. Acting has always been a passion of mine since I was young and so my grandmother signed me up for the camps when we could. While in these camps, I learned many acting skills such as timing, line delivery, communication, quick thinking and creativity(from improve), and how to put on a production with a team.

Being apart of these camps was incredibly beneficial as I’ve always wanted to pursue acting and I’ve since been accepted to the university of Lethbridge for fine arts performance. However, I believe that attending these camps would be beneficial to everyone, not just those with acting aspirations, as it helps build self confidence and the ability to work with others as a team. I am very grateful for the opportunities New West Theatre has provided for me along my acting journey and career.

Being involved with New West Theatre helped me build stronger connections with kids who share similar interests. Having pre-existing relationships with other children helped me pursue friendships with these same children later on, because we were able to draw upon our experiences at camp together.


New West Theatre camps also helped me to be creative. No idea was too big in these camps. Everyone’s voice was heard and listened to, and I was encouraged to be myself and try new things. These camps motivate everyone to be a little silly, and embrace who they are and the way they think. Being myself and letting my creativity guide me is something I still strive for as an artist. Letting children think for themselves and follow their unique imaginations is absolutely fundamental for their journey into trusting their work as an artist, and more generally as a person.