Why theatre education for young people?

Before you check out our amazing summer camps and year-round programming we would like to share why we are so passionate about theatre with young people…

Theatre is fun!

Drama games are more than just coordinated craziness…most of the time. Learning happens when students are engaged and having fun. We explore voice, movement, and creative story telling by playing a ton of goofy games. Good times are guaranteed!

Theatre is all about teamwork.

The collaborative nature of theatre means that we are all on the same team. At New West Theatre, we use these programs not just to train actors, but to train young people to value the ideas and opinions of the people around them.

Theatre teaches communication skills.

Being able to formulate and express your own ideas is a big deal! In theatre we get to practice these skills in fun and engaging ways.

Theatre explores creative problem solving.

We live in a world that needs creative thinkers! In every drama game, every rehearsal, every class, there are countless problems that need solutions. How do you best tell your story? How do you work with a scene partner who has the opposite idea as you do? How do you make new friends? How do you conquer your nerves? There are more than a “right” and a “wrong” to solve such problems which is why they require some creative effort. As teachers, we are not there to give out answer keys, but to encourage the process of problem solving. In this way, we are encouraging resilience and independence in our students.

Theatre is live

Theatre requires you to live in the moment and create from there. Living in the moment can be a challenge to a generation that revolves around social media – theatre requires hearts, minds, and bodies in the room and creating together.

Take a peek into some of our classes: